Our Passion

We have created a proprietary system to serve communities through local basketball clubs to run elite events.  See why to partner with Supreme Hoops below.

Step by Step Event Blueprint

We have perfected our success roadmap of how to create a successful event.  We have a proven step by step process to guide our relationship and how to create successful basketball events.

Marketing the Event

We market each clubs basketball events on our website under your custom page.  Our followers will have access to your events to sign up the broader audience.  It also allows for us to work through proven marketing strategies to attract the right target audience to your event.


Twitter:  @Supreme_Hoops_


Tracking team registrations is probably the second hardest thing to do when running an event, behind only bracketing the event.  We streamline the process for you with our technology and payment processing systems.  Gone are the days when you are gathering cash, checks, and tracking accounts payable.  Spend more of your time on what you enjoy - hosting basketball events.  Leave the marketing, registrations, accounts payable, and bracketing to us.

Our Proprietary Bracketing Services

Bracketing is more than just throwing teams into a bracket.  It takes research, time, and a proven process.  We have developed our proprietary bracketing system for over a decade.  It's the most advanced, detail oriented bracketing system in the country.  It creates a customer experience that is unmatched and makes your teams want to come back to your events year after year.

I'm a Club interested in partnering with Supreme Hoops

If you are interested in bringing youth basketball event opportunities to your community, then we want to hear from you and support you however we can.  See our contact us page

Donations to Clubs with Players in Financial Need

Supreme Hoops is passionate about each player having the opportunity to play competitive club basketball regardless of financial circumstances.  Though we can't solve all the worlds problems when it comes to financial circumstances, we are proud to donate to local clubs to sponsor players with financial need.  It's a big part of why we exist.